The purpose of a journey

When I took it upon myself to write a blog, I saw in front me my desire to write and keep writing. But when I came to write my second post, a question arose – “What is the purpose of my blog?”.
Far from being the only question, it was one which will lay the infrastructure of future posts. And the answer I find myself choose is “I don’t know yet.”. I know that I have written in the first post what I want to accomplish, but the question of purpose in this matter is a matter of form and content.

When coming to write a blog, many will usually find a theme to connect the different posts. Some will choose a topic that defines them, such as cooking or movies. While others will use a blog to express their outlook in life.
Will my blog will be in one of the roughly described categories when it comes to content? I don’t think so. The blog that I aspire to have is one that will surely have characteristics of both, but cannot be defined by neither. The closest example I can give (from a meager pool of choices, as I do not read/follow many blogs.) is John Scalzi’s blog – Whatever. In his blog Scalzi goes to write posts on various topics, personal, literary, politics and more (there are pictures of cats, so there’s that.). There is no one defining thread that can be categorized with one exception – the writer himself.

You would think that I have my answer there. That the blog is to be an extension of who I am as a writer and a human being. As far as answers goes it is rather vague.
And as of this second post (on the second day no less! Don’t get used to it.), I am still trying to figure out what I want to have out of this blog in terms of what to fill it with.

I hope that as the posts will start piling themselves (Here’s for hope!), that I will have a more definite reply as to what this blog will be. But for now it will serve far a simple reason, finding the purpose of a journey.



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