The beginning of a journey

Like any story, I perceive this blog to be a journey of sorts. And as such, it has a beginning.

A simple and humble beginning, this blog is created with the intention of primarily improving my writing skills. I believe that as in all voyages and journeys one take, it will evolve to be something more than originally intended. And there lies the beauty of taking a journey.

In this first post I won’t discuss of anything that might be important, but I would like to elaborate further on my intended goal of this journey. Which is to improve my writing.
I would like to clarify that English is not my native language, although I pride myself in being fluent and quite expressive in it, I have yet to achieve a level of which art can be derived of it. More often than not it will come out in a form of ‘purple prose’, something that I fear is because I trying to make it more appealing.

So why do so in a blog?
Well, there is no particular reason with the exception of having it something I could share with others and have them share their opinion on the matter. And for me to have definite place which I won’t lose nor accidentally delete (The jury is still out if I won’t do it anyway).

So, here for a beginning of a journey. One of many.


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